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Our black angus cows graze all year round on luscious Blackwood Valley pasture and are grass fed, not grain fed. This results in the finest quality beef straight from our paddock to your door.

Whole Angus Beef

SKU: 364115376135191
  • Our angus beef come with the following cuts packaged in tray packs:

    · T-Bone Steaks

    · Porterhouse Steaks

    · Fillet Steaks

    · Rump Steaks

    · Round Steaks

    · Scotch Fillet Steaks

    · Blade Steaks

    · Y-Bone Steaks

    · Chuck Steaks

    · Roll Roast

    · Topside Roast

    · Silverside Roast

    · Osso Bucco

    · Diced Beef

    · Brisket Roast

    · Mince

    · Bones (For the dog!)


    Average price: $16.00/kg

    Weight: 210kg – 225kg

  • All meat orders are delivered in 10kg – 15kg cardboard cartons to a distributor in Bibra Lake. If home delivery is chosen, it is important that somebody will be home to receive the order, otherwise the courier driver can load cartons into an outside fridge if a special delivery instruction is included in the order. After placing a meat order, delivery will take up to 2 weeks to be processed. Perth deliveries are every Friday.

    Free delivery within 15km’s of Bibra Lake.

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